stainless steel Beveling Machine

elbow mandrel to pushing elbow
hydraulic bending machine
Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

stainless steel Beveling Machine

This stainless steel Beveling Machine adopts the basic power to change, with strong cutting capability, basic process, easy operation, low cost, hydraulic clamping, when the pipe wall thickness is less than 12mm, human hand can be used to move the host shape forming knife.
The machine with roller bracket, television can be changed up and down to meet various requirements steel center with device center line groove, the upper and lower roller bracket on synthetic lift.
This device is safe, trusted and convenient, it’s the ideal pipe end beveling processing equipment.

Devices Specifications:
1. Type: single head, double head, 3 head
2. Operation design: automated, semi-automatic
3. Size: OD 114mm- 2000mm( 4-80 inches).
4. Density:4 mm-120mm.
5. Processing product: Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap.

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ModeBeveling rangeBeveling thicknessRotating speedWeight of main machine body
LM-16OD 16-283-15mm58rpm5kg
LM-28OD 28-763-15mm55rpm7kg
LM-65OD 65-1593-20mm34rpm16kg
LM-80OD 80-27320mm-75mm16rpm38kg
LM-150OD 150-35120mm-75mm14rpm42kg
LM-300OD 300-63015mm-75mm10rpm55kg
LM-600OD 600-85015mm-75mm8rpm65kg
LM-820OD 820-105015mm-75mm7rpm80kg
LM-1030OD 1030-130015mm-75mm5rpm90kg
LM-1270OD 1270-150015mm-75mm4rpm100kg

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