Cold Forming Elbow Machine


2016 new style high quality elbow cold forming machine

we are manufacturing and exporting a large selection of Elbow Cold Forming Machine for making elbows of little radius. This machine generally processes high quality stainless steel and carbon steel pipelines to form elbows in diverse measurements, diameters and thickness. Additionally, our used maker is highly suitable for producing the finished items wholesale in less time. Needed minimal maintenance, this Elbow Cold Forming Machine meets all the specified national and worldwide requirements. The cold forming elbow maker is used for the development of the elbow. The main motivation is the hydraulic oil cylinder. Cold pressing elbow device itself belongs to the non-standard products. There is no specific specs, we make according to clients’ unique requirements directly.   Elbow size Φ21mm(1/2〃)~Φ610mm(24〃) Wall thickness 3~120mm mould clamping force (KN) 1000-23000 main thrust (KN) 630-12000 Work pressure (MPa) 25 Motor power (KW) 11-80 Max OD:325MM detailed info about elbow cold forming machine Ram Cylinder Piston Ram Cylinder Valid Travel Max Thrust Qty OD200mm OD160mm OD245 4000mm 78.5T 2 Pumper: 3grade pumper of integrated connection 63SCY—14-1B 1set 40SCY—14-1B 1set CY—50 1set CY—25 1set Operation Platform 1set Raw material of main machine part: Main part 200mmx160mm square pipes and steel plate THK 18mm-22mm Medium-frequency part: 250KW Main machine one set(250kw) Work capacity of the machine:1460kgs/hour Power need per ton:330kw Dimension: L*W*H: 10000mm*1400mm*2200mm Welcome to contact with us for […]

Stainless Steel cold forming elbow maker machine

Stainless-steel elbow maker Stainless-steel elbow device consists of a maker frame, a working table, a side work table, oil tank, electrical box and a control panel, also coming with a mold, mold device and a product discharge device. The whole frame is a frame type structure. The upper part of the motor oil pressure maker are set up in the machine. Adding high flow low pressure pump group in the machine is gotten in touch with the upper part of the vertical pushing oil cylinder, so that the fast movement of the oil cylinder. Electric box and a control board to manage the device through the computer system’s operation. The noise is minimized, the arrangement of each part is more compact, reasonable.

Elbow Cold forming Machine

1.EDY series stainless steel Cold Forming Machine is fit for producing elbow with radius of 1D, 1.5D and diameter from 1/2″to 20″.   2.Features: Easy to operate Energy saving Environment friendly   3.Technical parameters Model Size Range (mm) Clamping Force (KN) Pushing Force (KN) Ratedworking pressure (MPa) Total power of motor (KW) Total Weight (kg) EDY-100 Φ25-Φ76 1000 630 25 11 6300 EDY-200 Φ34-Φ114 2000 1250 25 18.5 9000 EDY-400A Φ133-Φ273 4000 2500 25 29.5 38000 EDY-400B Φ108-Φ219 4000 2500 25 29.5 35000 EDY-630 Φ133-Φ325 6300 3150 25 36 48000 EDY-800 Φ219-Φ377 8000 4500 25 42 76000 EDY-1000 Φ273-Φ426 10000 5000 25 65 98000 EDY-1600 Φ325-Φ530 16000 8000 25 88.5 130000 EDY-2000 Φ406-Φ630 20000 10000 25 110 200000