steel pipe elbow making machine

elbow forming machine
Elbow forming Machine
carbon steel pipe fittings Tee making machine

steel pipe elbow making machine

steel pipe elbow making machine

The workshop and auxiliary facilities requirements:

1, the general requirements of the workshop with a particular lifting equipment.

2, pump station and intermediate frequency power supply is ideally mounted on the side period workshop space.
3, each intermediate frequency power supply of circulating cooling water need to circulating water cooler or puddles, and have dustproof procedures.

The user work bend device process owned tool:

1, cooling water circulation system (swimming pool, water pump, water knockout drum, water pipes).

2, according to the need of production can be purchase intermediate frequency induction heating coil, mould core head, elbow shaping mould.

3, the workshop equipment connecting wire, cable television.

4, Hydraulic oil.

5, band sawing maker, auxiliary devices for elbow pipe billet, press Elbow push system accountable for forming, after the pipe end beveling maker for pipe end beveling, bend screening devices. The ready basic material pipe set in the elbow die core head, the intermediate frequency induction coil is arranged in the elbow mold core head end, begin the cooling water pump, open the medium frequency power supply the raw product steel pipe heating, then started to press began to press producing machine.

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