Hydraulic Press

hydraulic press

150 tons hydraulic press machine with 4 columns, frame type hydraulic pressing macine

A hydraulic press is a mechanical machine used for lifting or compressing large items. The force is generated through the use of hydraulics to increase the power of a standard mechanical level. This type of machine is typically found in a manufacturing environment. Main machine including machine body,main cylinder,ejection cylinder and topping up device.Actual unit is combined by oil case,high pressure pump,low pressure control system,generators and various hydraulic valves,direction valves.Electric device according to hydraulic system progress,choose ruled working style,according to instruct,finish craft cycle actions.Actual unit is under control of electric device,via pump and cylinders and various hydraulic valves,realize energy transfer and finish every craft cycle working. Main features of Hydraulic press machine: working pressure of this series of hydraulic machines can be adjusted in the certain scope during working process according to the technical requirement. 2. Structure of hydraulic press machine adopts the computer optimization design, the structure is simple, economical and practical. 3. Independent electrical control system of hydraulic press machine, reliable work, action intuitive, convenient maintenance. Scope of production: Maximum can produce 2500T hydraulic press. 4. Hydraulic […]
hydraulic press machine

hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic presses is stand-alone drive, hydraulic pump directly driven by two solenoid valves to manage the flow direction, therefore promoting the activities of beams for moving up and down.The machine work pressure relief valve can be changed, and can attain the job requirements.The system is easy in structure, convenient maintenance, can be adapted to different production departments.   Main features: 1. Structure embraces the computer optimization design, the structure is simple, cost-effective and useful. 2. Hydraulic control using integrated system, trusted operation, long life span, hydraulic impact is little, and minimize the connecting line and leakage point, hydraulic integrated system utilizes independent control system. 3. Independent electrical control system, trustworthy work, action user-friendly, convenient maintenance. Scope of production: Optimum 4000T hydraulic press. Our hydraulic presses are exported to India, Russia and other countries. Adopt PLC control, make the procedure full-automatic. Using hydraulic presses: 1. suppression; 2. punch; 3. bending; 4. Correction; 5. installed pressure.