induction pipe bending machine
OD 21mm-1420mm Pipe Bent Machine,hot induction pipe bending machine
Pipe Expanding Machine
OD530 pipe hydraulic expanding machine,Hydraulic pipe expander,pipe expander

Φ406 induction steel tube bending machine

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Equipment Specifications:
1.Production Range:OD60mm-2000mm(2-80 inches)
2.Radius: 2D≤R≤10D≤15000mm
3.Thickness: 2mm-90mm
4.Angle:0-180 degree
5.Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel

Hot Induction Pipe Bending Machine Control system working element theory:
1.Keep machine strength, especially clamp head parts,use strong complete casting way to keep
bending intensity facing big force when pushing
2. Install magnetism ruler and sensor organ to transmit machine force,speed,temperature to PLC Screen.
3. PLC Screen has English version and Chinese version.
4. End user need to put element informations to PLC system,like:
Bender size,thickness,radius,pushing angle,raw mother pipe material etc

The Hydraulic Induction Pipe Bending Machine is composed of electric oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger pump, bending part. The high pressure oil out put from the electric oil pump, through the high pressure oil pipe into working cylinder, high pressure oil push the plunger pump in the cylinder, forming the pushing force, then through the bending part to bend the pipe.

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  1. welington freitas says:

    how much this machine and what size needed to install? I´m industrial Designer i will use for automotive applicationb.

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