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CNC induction pipe bending machine
CNC medium frequency steel tube pipe bending induction machine

heating induction pipe & tube bending machine with PLC

induction pipe bending machine

induction pipe bending machine

Induction Bending Machines are designed for pipe bending of high-performance and high-strength materials and are perfect for the mechanical forming of pipe for:
• alternative energy companies
• mining
• oilfield and natural gas construction
• shipbuilding yards
• oil and gas refineries
• roadway signage
• oilfield and natural gas distribution
• petrochemical plants
• power stations

HINES INDUCTION MODEL219325426530630720810915102012201420
Max O.D. x Wall (mm)219 x 18325 x 25426 x 30530 x 30630 x 30720 x 35813 x 35915 x 351020 x 351220 x 351420 x 35
Min O.D. (mm)76102127168168219219273273325426
Max Bend Degree180°180°180°180°180°180°180°180°180°180°180°
CLRRange (mm)200-1200300-1800380-2200450-2600450-3100650-3600650-4100810-4600810-5100960-61001200-7100
Min (R/D)2.53333333333
Max Main Cylinder Stroke (M)2.533.544.
Type (KGPS)160250350500500800800800100010001500
Power (KW)1602503504505006006007007008001000
Frequency (KHz)0.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-10.8-1
Bend Speed (mm/sec)0.3-40.3-40.3-30.3-30.3-30.25-30.25-30.25-30.25-30.25-30.25-3
Rear Clamp Speed (M/min)21.51.5111110.80.80.8
Rear Clamp Back (M/min)433222221.51.51.5
System Pressure (Mpa)1010141416161616161616
Machine CL Height (M)
Overall Dimensions (M)9×1.9×1.810×3.3×2.211x4x2.512×4.8×2.714×5.2×2.816×5.7×2.918×6.3×320x7x3.222x8x3.426×9.5×3.827x11x4.2
Machine Weight (tons)1525324052657890105120135




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