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CZBD is a producer of elbow joint machine, bending maker and tee maker, We have an excellent pre-sale as well as after-sale solution..

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Induction pipe bending maker is geared up with mechanical part and electric managing part. Mechanical part has four organizations: Power supply system, clamp repaired institution, bend radius changing mechanism, feed mechanism. Electrical part consists of two systems: Heating system and PLC control system.

Equipment Specifications

Production Range:OD60mm-2000mm(2-80inches)

Radius & Angle



Thickness & Material


Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel,Stainless Steel

Elbow Machine

Constituent parts of elbow forming machine: Main machine, hydraulic power station, medium frequency power supply, adjustable holder of induction coil . The equipment uses 2 cylinders or 4 cylinders according to the requirement of the machine, running more smoothly.

Production Range:

OD21mm-1420mm(1-56 inches)






Carbon Steel, Alloy steel


Tee Machine

The device has two operating designs: semi-automatic, automatic. Electrical control system adopts PLC control system.Pressure reducing valve working automatically.

Production Range:



Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel

Pipe Expanding Machine

The devices is developed due to the deficiency of large size seamless steel tube production and requirements. It's a two oil cylinder or 4 oil cylinder parallel uniform speed pressing maker, pump station valve table adopts integrated type. Setting the power of medium frequency heating power supply, force and stroke of oil cylinder according to the outer diameter and length of the pipe.

Production Range:





Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel

Hydraulic Press

Application: Used for pressing innovation of plasticity product, such as flanging, sheet tensile, bending, etc, can also used for appropriate, pushing, cold extrusion and pressure molding process of plastic products and the powder product. Elbow shaping, Elbow press forming, Tee hot forming, Steel pipe straightening..

Production Range:


Scope of production:

Maximum 4000T hydraulic press.

Cold Forming Elbow Machine

1. EDY series stainless-steel Cold Forming Device is suitabled for producting elbow with radius of 1D,1.5 D and diameter from 1/2" to 20".2. Functions: Easy to run Energy conserving Environment friendly.

Clamping Force (KN)


Size Range (mm):

Φ25-Φ76 --- Φ406-Φ630

Bevel Machine

The device is ideal for companies who dealt with pipe fitting forming and pipe installation in power plant, petroleum industry, chemical market, shipbuilding market, etc. It's a crucial machine for pipe fitting forming and pipe end beveling prior to welded in pipeline building and construction. The machine consists of power head, bed structure, fixture platform structure, electrical control system, etc


single head, double head, three head

Operation model:

automated, semi-automatic


OD 114mm- 2000mm( 4-80inches)


4 mm-120mm

Processing item:

Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap

Medium Fregquency Power /High Fregquency Power

Keeping long-- term cooperation with Hebei University of Innovation, the medium/high frequency power supply has advanced level. Our KGPS Series of Intermediate Frequency Power Supply fit for smelting, pipe hot expansion, quenching, drying, induction bending, etc, low loss of reactive power, high power aspect.

Medium-frequency power:

50KW-3000KW, Frequency:100 -8000 Hz(KHz).

Medium-frequency Power Supply:

The Medium-frequency Power Supply from 1200KW to 3000KW, input voltage is Air Conditioning 660 V-1000V.


Elbow shaping mould, Tee forming mould; Alloy straight mandrel for pipe broadening; Alloy mandrel for elbow hot forming; Cold forming elbow mould and mandel..

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