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induction Forming Bending Machine is a forming machine tool. Its function is to assemble a bend on a steel pipe. A bends is manufactured by using a bending tool during a linear or turning move. The in-depth category can be performed with the aid of the kinematics. SR LR elbow induction Forming Bending Machine Our Hot developing machine is generally made for manufacturing SR & LR arm joint of carbon steel, alloy steel and also some type of copper steel with max outside dimeter as much as 1400mm. These elbow are widely made use of in the connection of the commercial pipelines for the petrochemical, gs and also oil pipelines, electric power, food, ect.It has specific power construction and electric system, embraces PLC center control, machine is much very easy to be operated. it is two warmth approach: high frequency as well as intermediate frequency.the application of mathematical control plus automatic frequency control made the oushing speedand forming temperature level might be checked as well as controlled easily, which allows the high is suitable for batch manufacturing. Product Description […]
Induction Steel Pipe Bending Equipment

Induction Steel Pipe Bending Equipment

Induction Steel Pipe Bending Equipment. Induction pipe bending machine can bend round pipe,square pipe,rectangular pipe,section steel,Beams,Channels,Tees,Rectangular hollow section.Induction pipe bending machine is widely used in pipe fittings industry. Equipment Specs: CZBD induction-bending makers are utilized in lots of markets: Devices engineering Oil and gas pipeline technology Power plant building. Ship structure. Pipeline technology. Steel building and construction. Architecture (structural tubing).. Traffic control systems (structural tubing.. Refineries CZBD can offer you with induction-bending makers with the right device design for any bending requirements you may have, even three-dimensional bending. Our makers are known for high-productivity hot forming suitable for the materials utilized, optimised tolerances and low-maintenance operation. They also cater for little bending radii, intricate geometries and reduced bending temperature levels, in addition to for compound products.

Medium Frequency Induction pipe bending machine, Carbon steel ,Stainless steel , alloy steel ,Aluminium , Titanium

Medium Frequency Induction pipe bending machine, Carbon steel ,Stainless steel , alloy steel ,Aluminium , Titanium I. Intermediate frequency hydraulic arm joint pressing machine .is mainly utilized for producing a range of joints in 1D ~ 2.5 D. With the advancement of steel pipe deep processing technology in the manufacturing facility, this product has got a full range of technological enhancements. The joint pressing machine combines with each other extra-short anxiety line, taper mold and mildew increasing modern technology; digital control intermediate frequency induction heating innovation, back stress free, low-energy usage hydraulic transmission technologies. It recognizes hydraulic opening as well as closing of the press plate gateway, hydraulic clamping as well as lining up steel pipe billet as well as numerous other operation technologies. Integrated with new license of innovating and also expanding our two-step push pipe machine, we established 4 cyndrical tube elbow joint pressing machines as well as other brand-new items. CZBD BENDING MACHINE FACTORY have been developed in the year 2005 with a goal to offer high efficiency Hydraulic Medium Frequency Induction pipe bending machine. The supplied machine is […]