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Bevelling pipe bends or elbows,pipe fitting processing,pipe end facing machine

Elbow Beveling Machine is designed and constructed for beveling the small radius (1.0D-1.5D) carbon steel and alloy steel elbows, These produced elbows will be widely used in the connection of the industrial pipelines for the Petrochemical, electrical industry, food production industry and ship building industry, etc. Main Features of Elbow Beveling Machine : 1. Elbow beveling machine has attained the CE and ISO Certificates; 2. High strength steel metal via gas shielded welding framed machine base is used on Elbow beveling machine; 3. Elbow beveling machhine is suit for bevel size of 1/2’’-36’’ 30°,45°,60°,90°LR&SR elbows for both carbon steel and stainless steel with production standard according to ANSI, ASTM, SMS, DIN, 3A, SMS or Customised is preferable ; 4. PLC based control system is used by Elbow beveling machine. Cutting speeds are adjusteable in according to the size and wall thickness of elbows; 5. Two types of auto feeding: slide feeding and turn-table are available. Hydraulic feed system is used to make two heads work simutanously to ensure quick and effective cutting for time saving and mass production; 6. Beveling […]
elbow Bevelling Machine

pipeline end bevelling machine for automatic welding

Pipe beveling is the process where an angle is formed between the edge of the end of a pipe or tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface. A standard pipe bevel angle for welding is 37.5 degrees. Other angles and special kinds such as J-Bevels can likewise be produced on completions of pipe or tube utilizing automated pipe beveling machines. Beveling of pipe or tubing is most commonly used to prepare the ends for welding. It can also be used for deburring the cut ends for safety and aesthetic reasons. Functions of the elbow and tee bevel machine The device embraces basic power visit innovate the unique vibrant cabinet, which has better cutting capability and differential feeding. The working piece can be secured by manual clamping, and will be focused either by policy of main maker of vibrant cabinet from left side to best side, or by policy of V-shape clamp’s manual modification from upper to lower. The pipe end cutting bevel adopts angle knife rest differential speed automated feeding for processing; when the wall thickness of pipe is […]
elbow Bevelling Machine

high precision OD273mm elbow Bevelling Machine

The Elbow beveling machine China is utilized in the fields of petroleum, chemical, gas, power supply building and construction, boiler and nuclear power, Maker body is toroidal cavity construction, can be divided two part, geared up at any space on the pipeline quickly and steadily. Mounting in one time, can be utilized for cutting and bevelling. Can be used for cutting and bevelling process of various type and size pipe, pressure vessel and steam generator, safe and quickly. Elbow beveling machine China Can be utilized for treatment of pipelines product: carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys.Cold cutting procedure will not influence the quality of the material of the pipe.The maker is safe, widely-used and hassle-free, and it is an ideal pipe end beveling processing devices. The High quality beveling machine is made up of irreversible seat, sliding seat, shipment system, centring mechanism, pneumatic clamp mechanism, screw rod transmission mechanism, tool apron mechanism and so on. High quality beveling maker in its various sizes, can be fitted on pipelines in outdoor sites or utilized inside factory halls. The structure is developed […]

stainless steel Beveling Machine

This stainless steel Beveling Machine adopts the basic power to change, with strong cutting capability, basic process, easy operation, low cost, hydraulic clamping, when the pipe wall thickness is less than 12mm, human hand can be used to move the host shape forming knife. The machine with roller bracket, television can be changed up and down to meet various requirements steel center with device center line groove, the upper and lower roller bracket on synthetic lift. This device is safe, trusted and convenient, it’s the ideal pipe end beveling processing equipment. Devices Specifications: 1. Type: single head, double head, 3 head 2. Operation design: automated, semi-automatic 3. Size: OD 114mm- 2000mm( 4-80 inches). 4. Density:4 mm-120mm. 5. Processing product: Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap. Mode Beveling range Beveling thickness Rotating speed Weight of main machine body LM-16 OD 16-28 3-15mm 58rpm 5kg LM-28 OD 28-76 3-15mm 55rpm 7kg LM-65 OD 65-159 3-20mm 34rpm 16kg LM-80 OD 80-273 20mm-75mm 16rpm 38kg LM-150 OD 150-351 20mm-75mm 14rpm 42kg LM-300 OD 300-630 15mm-75mm 10rpm 55kg LM-600 OD 600-850 15mm-75mm 8rpm 65kg LM-820 OD […]