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Hydraulic tee forming machine CZBD has abundant experience of producing hydraulic tee forming machine.This tee forming machine can be used to carbon steel, stainless steel material.It utilizes the fluid extending molding, equiped with ultrahigh press overflow valve, it can meet various tee-making needs. Hydraulic tee making machine benefit 1 It be designed for cold forming the stainless-steel and carbon steel tees or decreasing tee 2 Be built with strong metal frame with excellent look and stable function 3 It has independent power building and electrical system, adopts PLC button centralized-control, which can be easily adjusted and operated both by hand and automaticlly Tee cold forming machine of design lm2012 might makes the tee size ranging from 4″ to 32″ handbook and immediately. tee making machine of design lm2012 might produces the tee size ranging from 4″ to 32″ with stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, monel, nickel alloy, and so on. Type 400T 700T 1000T 1200T 1400 1600 2000T Two side cylinder pushing force(KN) 3500*2 5000*2 8000*2 1000*2 1200*2 1400*2 1600*2 Main mould clamping pressure 400 700 1000 1200 1400 […]
Tee making machine

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Cold Forming Tee Machine Cold Forming Tee machine principle: steel tube into the lower mould cavity, the impact of the hydraulic cylinder piston pusher will push in at two ends of the pipe body, the pipe cavity sealing, then the liquid medium injection pipe cavity through a liquid channel push in; at this time, the upper die and the lower die downward motion, jointly forming a die cavity closed, finally the high-pressure pump and valve control liquid pressure increasing, push inward push the pipe, the pipe wall contortion and gradually and the mold wall securely, tee forming.

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The device has 2 running models: semi-automatic, automatic. Electric control system takes on PLC control system.Pressure lowering valve functioning immediately. Tools Specs: 1. Manufacturing Range: OD21mm-OD711mm 2. Product: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless-steel. Main technical parameters Model Forming Scope (mm) Clamping Force (KN) Pushing Force (KN) Rated working pressure (Mpa) Total Weight (t) EDW-450/400×2 -Φ89 4500 4000×2 28 18 EDW-500/450×2 Φ108-Φ168 5000 4500×2 28 25 EDW-1200/1000×2 Φ114-Φ219 12000 10000×2 28 40 EDW-1600/1400×2 Φ219-Φ325 16000 14000×2 28 80 EDW-2500/2200×2 Φ325-Φ426 25000 22000×2 28 150 EDW-3000/3000×2 Φ273-Φ630 30000 30000×2 28 400 EDW-4000/4000×2 Φ426-Φ711 40000 40000×2 28 550