carbon steel pipe fittings Tee making machine

steel pipe elbow making machine
Tee making machine
cold forming pipe fittings Tee making machine

carbon steel pipe fittings Tee making machine

Tee machine

The device has 2 running models: semi-automatic, automatic.
Electric control system takes on PLC control system.Pressure lowering valve functioning immediately.

Tools Specs:
1. Manufacturing Range: OD21mm-OD711mm
2. Product: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless-steel.

Main technical parameters

Model Forming Scope (mm) Clamping Force (KN) Pushing Force (KN) Rated working pressure (Mpa) Total Weight (t)
EDW-450/400×2 -Φ89 4500 4000×2 28 18
EDW-500/450×2 Φ108-Φ168 5000 4500×2 28 25
EDW-1200/1000×2 Φ114-Φ219 12000 10000×2 28 40
EDW-1600/1400×2 Φ219-Φ325 16000 14000×2 28 80
EDW-2500/2200×2 Φ325-Φ426 25000 22000×2 28 150
EDW-3000/3000×2 Φ273-Φ630 30000 30000×2 28 400
EDW-4000/4000×2 Φ426-Φ711 40000 40000×2 28 550


  1. Williams,J says:

    What is the maximum caliber of carbon steel tee cold bending machine?

    • Brown says:

      OD from 1/2″to 24″ Carbon steel tee cold developing device has an independent actuating device and the electric power system, utilizing centralized control button.The maker is well distributed, and it is very easy to operate and also preserve during using.

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